Howard Katz

Director, Choreographer, Counterweight Rope, Voice, Guitar
howard katz

Choreographer, Performer, Musician was born, raised and studied in NYC. He has been teaching and developing dance and performance technique for over 20 years. He danced and collaborated with Donald Byrd, David Parsons, Clive Thompson, Tino Segahl, NYC Opera Company, Frey Faust, Christoff Winkler among others. Howard has choreographed, directed and produced over 50 productions world wide and 9 CDs are circulating from his various music projects. One of his latest pieces ‘The Trial of Howard Katzz’ is a multi-media tour de force, with video by Keyframed and music by Felix Zoepf. In 2008 Howard launched the company LiveFilmWorks: The perfect integration of live performance, video projection and music. Recent works are 'Shorz', with the brilliant cellist and performance artist Mathias Herrmann. 'Urban Samurai', a music and storytelling evening with Keyframed. His latest coaching projects include,'Krump, Break, Release' with Shifts Co, and work with Herbert Grunemeyer. He also curated a performance series at the *documenta (13)* called 'UrbanFolkHappenings' at the Huganaughten House. His latest work is a Circus-Dance collaboration with Elizabeth Williams. He is a Licensed Feldenkrais Practitioner, Heilpraktiker and inventor of 5Q, the 5 qualities system of movement.

Liz Williams

Producer, Rehearsal Director, Vertical Rope, Counterweight Rope
Liz williams

Aerialist, dancer, actress and singer, Liz is a triple threat plus one. Blending her years of dance and theater training with her autodidact aerial circus skills, she will take you on an emotional journey. Her liquid vulnerability is juxtaposed with her strength and explosive dynamic. She began her dance training at the PCCA Performing Arts high school. Moving to New York, she continued training at the State University of New York Conservatory of Dance, where she studied dance, theater, yoga and singing. Her performance career began, while still in school, with Thingsezisee'em Dance Theater in NYC. She danced professionally for various choreographers before turning her attention toward aerial arts and Variete Theater . Moving to Berlin Germany, she continued to develop as an aerial artist.
Since then she has performed in all the major German Variete Theaters, countless corporate events and musical theater.

Romy Seibt

Juggle Rope/Meteor
romy siebt

Since her education at the School of performing Arts "Die Etage" in Berlin, Romy Seibt is present in the national and international space as an extremely versatile performer.
Already in 2002, she was with her number "Akita", awarded at the 23e Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in Paris. Shortly thereafter, she created a concept for the implementation of the role of the "Gretchen" from Goethe's Faust and developed the famous scene as a rope and video performance.
Her adventurous talent led her to develop a new, individual requisit, the Juggling Rope, that combines elements of dance, juggling and martial arts. This was followed by collaborations with various companies such as the Japanese / German taiko group "Tentekko" from Dusseldorf and "Circle of Eleven".
For the collaboration "Pact", based on the texts by Goethe, she works closely with the comedian and cabaret artist Karl-Heinz Helmschrot.
She is a co-founder of the company Cie4. The piece "Remain Restless" was first performed in 2012 in the Fabrik Potsdam and has since then toured in theaters and at festivals such as the event "women's perspective" in Karlsruhe 2013, Theaterfestival Rybnik and others.

Pippa Coram

Hula Hoop
pippa coram

With a background in musical theatre, a degree in circus arts and a black belt in charm, Pippa the Ripper is a deadly crowd pleaser. The name ‘the Ripper’ arose from her reputation as a serial killer of the circus and cabaret scene. From the moment Pippa enters the stage, she captivates her audience with her seductive presence and phenomenal skill. From Berlin to Broardway, she has flourished her hoops and flown above the crowd on aerial apparatuses leaving a trail of emotional devastation in her wake.
Pippa started performing at the age of nine years old and since then has studied many disciplines, beginning in musical theatre and moving into fields such as dance, music and acting. Yet her true calling was to be found elsewhere. Following a family history in circus and sideshow, she found her passion for hula-hoops, aerial artistry and other circus skills. After graduating from the National Institute of Circus Arts in Melbourne in 2005, Pippa’s killer performing style has taken her around the world.
Now residing between London and Germany, Pippa is a new Guinness World Record holder!

Benjamin Richter

Ball & Club Juggling
benjamin richter

Benjamin Richter is a juggler, dancer and modern clown of over 25 years. Born in Hameln, Germany, and raised in England, he has always felt "at home" on stage. In 1993, he completed his training at the School of circus and physical theater "Fooltime" (now Circomedia) in Bristol, England. He continued to train as a dancer with Gill Clarke, in juggling with Sergei Ignatov, in acrobatics and tightrope walking at "The Circus Space", and as a clown with Michel Dallaire and Aitor Basauri.
In the 90s he performed with several British new-circus companies, including Gandini Juggling, Mamaloucos, Conspiracy Circus and Stretch People. Since 1995 he lives in Berlin and has performed as a soloist with the clown character Ben Smalls at Street theatre festivals and in Variety theatres. He was an ensemble member of the company "PlatzRegen – circus, theater & musik" from 2005 – 2011 and is a founder of the poetic circus theater company "Cirqu'Oui".
As a coach for juggling, movement and character Ben is a regular guest lecturer at the university of circus and dance in Stockholm and other European circus schools.
His passion to combine juggling, dance and clowning into a unique form of theatre has inspired a whole generation of circus performers. Ben feels inspired by anyone who follows their own artistic path with a sense of humour and ease.

Ihor Yakymenko

Pole Acrobatic/Handstand, Dance Acrobatic, Beat Box
ihor yakymenko

Ihor Yakymenko grew up in Ternopil, a small town in the Ukraine. Son of the musician, Igor Savitski, at 4 years old he had his debut on stage. He discovered already in the early years, his passion for performing. At the age of 8, he moved to Berlin with his parents and saw the Berlin artist life first hand. At the age of 12 he attended the State Ballet School of Berlin, where he received ballet training for the next 5 years. In this time he performed often, however, he felt cramped in classical dance and changed his study to the School for Acrobatic Arts Berlin. In retrospect, this was the best decision of his life, he says with conviction. "The nice thing about the circus is that there are no rules. It is free and can do whatever you want. So you can take something and turn it into something new from all art forms such as dance, drama, music or painting. That's what captures the artistry. "In Summer 2013 he has completed the training at the School for Acrobatic Arts and since then, performs solo or as part of the duo" Lost Acrobats "Germany's many theaters.

Jean-Pierre Ehrenreich

Rola Bola
jean-pierre ehrenreich

Jean-Pierre Ehrenreich aka. Monsieur Chapeau was born to a Mozambican father and a German mother, in Weimar, Germany. His parents blessed him with the African spirit and a sense for art and culture.
At the age of four, he began to do gymnastics. Seven years later, he found his passion for the circus and artistry at the clown and jester group "Krawumm & Co". During this time, he had his first stage experiences, which led him to the children's and youth circus "Tasifan", where he discovered his talent for balance-artistry, which he later also passed on as a trainer.
In 2005, Monsieur Chapeau completed his training as certified variety artist at the "Staatliche Artistenschule Berlin". Ever since, he enriches leading variety theatres, dinner shows and gala events in Germany and Europe with his unique performances.

Matthais Herrmann

Cello, Synth
matthias herrmann

Matthias Herrmann studied cello with Rudolf Mandalka at the Robert Schumann Hochschule, Düsseldorf, and is a graduate sound engineer. He has created numerous scores for the productions of international dance theater companies including Do Theater (St. Petersburg, Russia), Fabrik Company (Potsdam, Germany), Howard Katz (Berlin/New York) and Jess Curtis/Gravity (San Francisco/Berlin). he also created soundscapes for video-installations, music for short film and documentaries. Most recently he was working as a composer and musical director for Staatstheater Hannover, Schaupiel Kiel and Theater Vorpommern. In 2008 he was priced with the Isadora Duncan Award for the best soundtrack for 'Under the Radar'. From 1999 to 2010 Herrmann created music for more than 30 pieces.

Ansgar Tappert

Drums, special instruments
ansgar tappert

Geb. 1973 in Mönchengladbach. Arbeitet seit 1995 als Musiker, Komponist, Sound-Designer und Audiotechniker. Er ist Mitglied verschiedener Bands (u.a. Post Holocaust Pop, replication 4rk, Anton Sulak, Wolfgang Pedersen Trio), komponiert Theatermusiken, entwickelt dreidimensionale akustische Installationen für Museen und andere öffentliche Räume u.a. in Berlin (Podewil, HAU ZWEI, Volksbühne), Hamburg (Rote Flora, Schilleroper), Münster (Staatliches Museum für Kunst- und Kulturgeschichte), Dublin (Fringe mit Post Holocaust Pop), Prag (Noise Nod) und Warschau (Kulturzentrum) etc. und ist Mitbegründer und -veranstalter von Salon Bruit, einer in Berlin beheimateten internationalen Plattform für experimentelle Musik. Seit vielen Jahren ist er auch als Lichtdesigner und -techniker in Theatern engagiert. Seit Dezember 2006 ist er Technischer Leiter, Licht- und Sound-Designer im ada.

Yoann Trellu

Video Projection
yoann trellu

38 year old, French, Living in Berlin. I have an medico-scientific education but since 2004 I work as a video artist.
Since 10 years I worked on more than 50 dance and theater productions with more than 10 different directors in Europe, USA and Asia.
I am a "one man studio" who can be responsible of the complete video production/diffusion chain: video and photo shooting, editing, special effect, animation, interactive technology, machine vision, video technique, stage design… For most projects I also develop custom media software, from a simple cueing system for one projector to interactive video mapping on multiple outputs with live imagery.
Sometime I do everything (related to using video in a performance) from the concept to the documentation DVD, sometime just a specific part. I am interested in the deformation, the abstraction of the image and the point where one thing become another.
I'm also love to "program creativity into the machine", using the computer as partner and not only as a tool.
Since 2004 I worked with Howard Katz on 5 projects.
I work regularly with Post-Theater (Berlin, New York, Tokyo), Jess Curtis-Gravity (Berlin, San-Francisco), Tatraum Projekt Schmidt (Dusseldorf), Ten Pen Chii (Berlin)
Other works with: Shang Chi Sun (Berlin, Taiwan), Junge Staatsoper im Schiller Theater (Berlin), Theater Strahl (Berlin), KonzertTheater (Bern)...

Felix Zoepf

Guitar & Bass Guitar
felix zöpf

Solveig Hockings

Video Projection
solveig hockings

A native of Denmark, video artist Solvejg Hockings strives to capture the beauty and aesthetics of movement. Her background in dance is evident in the elegance of her work, and you see her innovative drawings and animations add another intriguing layer to the film. Solvejg has worked for many companies including Zentropa Films, Rapid Eye Contemporary Circus/Visual Theatre, and Rump Recordings.
Solvejg graduated from Copenhagen Technical School with top marks in new media in 2006. She also studied modern dance at Dance New Amsterdam, as well as choreography at Dartington College of Art.

Christian Skolud

Light Design