A Circus of Love Songs

"Noir is the the sensual Mysterious world of the Vintage & the the electric intensity of Today"

Criminal Acrobatics, Flying Femme Fatales, Musical Maniacs, Screwball Jugglers, Hardcore Hula Hoop…This is the dark and smokey world of ‘NOIR’.
This MusicCircusTheater work delves into the beautiful, twisted and absurd worlds of Human Love. Movement, live music, video and light are woven together to create a contemporary Film Noir experience.


We are a small performance company who’s aim is the seamless integration of Music, Circus and Dance in a theatrical context. Our shows always focus on the “Human element” without losing a high level of technical excellence. We use video and light in very effective and innovative ways, always looking for the balance between media and the live performance element. We bring our stories to the stage in such a way that the shows are always fresh, alive and audience friendly.  

The Show is produced by Liz Williams, conceived & directed by Howard Katz, with live music by the cult rock band, PostTraumaticPop, video by Keyframed & Sol Hockings and light by Christian Skolud. The innovative and co-creating cast include: Ben Richter (Club & Ball Juggling), Howard Katz (Voice, Counterweight Rope), Ihor Yakymenko (Pole/Handstand Acrobatics, Dance Acrobatic, Beat box), Liz Williams (Vertical Rope, Counterweight Rope), Monsieur Chapeau (Rola Bola), Pippa the Ripper (Hula Hoop), Romy Seibt (Juggling Rope, Light dance).

A smaller variation of NOIR is available for festival and special events. Speak to us.